What is Network Print Service?

It is a service in which documents and images registered in the Network Print server via web browser or smartphone app can be printed out on the MFP supporting Network Print Service in a convenience store.


What you can do
with WebAPI of Network Print Service

Network Print Service provides various functions by WebAPI.


All user operations such as file selection or user authentication for Network Print should be done in the "Your application".
The system of service needs to communicate with the web service of Network Print during the operation.

In "Network Print" Web service, necessary operations are performed responding to inquiry or request from the system of service.

WebAPI Providing Function List

The following functions are provided by WebAPI.

Function NameDescription
LoginLog in to Network Print Service by E-mail address and password.
Guest loginUser who has no member registration of Network Print Service logs in to Network Print Service as a guest to use this service.
Getting system specificationsGet to the system specifications of Network Print Service.
Getting current statusGet information such as the remaining capacity which can be used by the logged in user.
File registrationRegister files with Network Print Service.
Two kinds of registration methods are available. One is that the substantial file is sent. The other is that the URL indicating the location of the file in the contents server is specified.
Getting file informationGet the information of the specified file.
Getting file listGet the list of file information.
Getting preview image URLGet the URL to get the preview image of the designated page of specified document file.
Deletion of fileDelete the specified file.
Update of account informationUpdate the logged in user's name and password information.
Getting messageGet a standard message phrase corresponding to the response code from the server.
Getting notificationGet a notice from Network Print Service (such as maintenance guidance) .

Please contact us about details of WebAPI of Network Print Service from here (Japanese) .
※This WebAPI is provided only for corporate users. (However, except for the case that we provide it at our own motive in some events.)