Print charge

Print charge for FamilyMart

Document Print
  Copy Paper Photo Paper
B5/A4/B4 A3 A4
BW 20yen 20yen 80yen
Full color 60yen 100yen 120yen
* For 2-sided/Pamphlet print, it costs two pages of copy per single sheet of paper to print on the both sides.
Image Print
  Photo Paper Copy Paper Photo Paper
L-size 2L-size B5/A4/B4 A3 A4
L-size/2L-size Photo Print 30yen 80yen - - -
ID Photo Print 200yen - - - -
Enlargement Print Full color:60yen
Full color:100yen
Full color:120yen
Multiple Print 100yen 120yen 120yen
Poster Print
Index Print 30yen 80yen
Calendar Print 30yen 80yen
* Not available at all convenience stores