How to use the service
How to upload documents for Postcard Print
Log in
In the login field on the right side of the Top Page, enter your login name and password, and click the [Login] button.
Login Screen
Open the file upload screen for Postcard Print.
Click [Upload a postcard] in the My Box page to open the Print on postcard file upload screen.
Postcard File Upload Screen
Select the postcard file
Press [Select] button to select postcard file and click [Upload this file].
When you are using the supported browser (*), file can be uploaded by drag & drop to the area showing [Drop the file to upload].

*The following formats are supported by Print on postcard.
pdf, xlsx, docx, pptx, jpeg, jpg, png
*Supported browsers
Windows®: Internet Explorer® (11 or later is recommended), Microsoft® Edge (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Chrome (latest version)
OS X / macOS: Safari(latest version)
Postcard File Selection Screen
Postcard Upload
Enter an "Registered Name", and click [Upload].

*You can enter any name for the registered name. This will be the name that is displayed.
Document File Selection Screen
Finish upload
When the Finished message appears, uploading is finished.

*It may take time to prepare for printing after uploading is completed.
You can check the status of the job in "Print status" in "My Box".
In some cases, an error may occur during preparation of the print data. In this event, check "Print status" in "My Box" and delete the document.
For details, see the FAQ.
*When the uploading process is completed, an uploading completed message will be sent to your e-mail address (login name). The user number will be indicated in the uploading completed message.
If generation of the print data fails, a message will be sent to notify you.
Finish Upload Screen