How to use the service
How to sign up
Open the membership registration screen
Click [Sign up] on the Top Page to open the membership registration screen.
Link to Membership Registration Screen
License agreement
Please check the terms and conditions of each agreements and click [Register by E-Mail Address] button after agreeing on them.
*The membership can be registered by using Facebook account. If you register the membership with your Facebook account, you can skip the step of provisional registration.
Membership Guide Screen
Provisional registration
Enter your e-mail address in the provisional registration screen.
Click the [Send] button. You are signed up provisionally. A link to the final registration web page will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.
*This e-mail address will be your login name.
*Some cell phone e-mail addresses cannot be used.
Provisional Registration Screen
Accessing the final registration screen
Open the link to the formal registration web page indicated in the e-mail you receive.
Link to Formal Registration
Enter your name
Set a username and login password.
To prevent mis-entry, re-enter the password in "Password (confirmation)".
Click the [Next] button to move to "Check your information".
*Set a password from 8 to 16 alphanumeric characters.
*The password must include both letters and numbers.
Your Name Registration Screen
Check your information
Check the information you entered. If okay, click the [Next] button. Click the [Next] button to complete the signup process.
*Your password is masked for security.
Check Your Information Screen
Finish signup
When the Finished message appears, signup is completed.
Finish Signup Screen