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Usage 8

It is very convenient that JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files can be registered. Further we want to print other files by Network Print, don't we?

Leave printing of web page and e-mail to SHARP Network Print Driver!

1. I purchased an e-ticket on internet. I have to print a copy of the e-ticket!

I will go on a graduation trip to France! I have bought an e-ticket for the flight and seems like I have to print out a copy of e-ticket. I wonder if an e-ticket which is not in Word or PDF format can be printed by Network Print?

*For printing e-ticket from your smart phone APP, please see the FAQ "How can I upload a web site, an E-mail or the booked e-ticket?".

2. When you want to print other than supported file types, let's use SHARP Network Print Driver!

Let's ask my brother, when I need help. He says "you can also print unsupported files by using SHARP Network Print Driver". What is SHARP Network Print Driver!? "You can use it in the same way as you would print by a printer. So, I think even you can use it easily. Why don't you try to install SHARP Network Print Driver in your PC?" I see. I will install it immediately.

*For install of SHARP Network Print Driver, click here.
*SHARP Network Print Driver can be used by PC only. It cannot be used by tablet or smartphone.
*SHARP Network Print Driver is Japanese version only.

3. Register a web browser screen by SHARP Network Print Driver.

I have installed SHARP Network Print Driver while getting help from my brother. What shall I do next? "After you select [Print] of the web browser, select [SHARP Network Print Driver] for [Printer Selection] and press [Print] button. Then the screen for SHARP Network Print Driver appears, doesn't it?"

I clicked [Print] button, then SHARP Network Print Service screen is activated! I did the settings following the screen guidance, then registration has completed in a blink of an eye! It turns out to be very simple with the almost same procedure as printing by a printer.

*The above explanation is for printing by the driver for Windows®. Please click here for how to print by the driver for Mac.

4. Print is done by Document Print on a Multi-Function Copier in a convenience store.

I understand that the data is registered in [Document Print] when SHAPP Network Print Driver is used! I have to be careful for that when I print it in a convenience store. Now I'm ready for going on a graduation trip!

5. SHARP Network Print Driver is available for unsupported files such as E-mail and text!

"I also sometimes use SHARP Network Print Driver in printing E-mail." Really? My brother is also using it. Indeed, it can be used in the same way as a usual printer and seems very convenient that printing from any application is available. Shall I register the belongings list I made by Notepad by SHARP Network Print Driver and print it.

*Windows,Excel, PowerPoint are the trademark or the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S.A and other countries.
*Mac is the trademark of Apple Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries.