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Usage 2

We offer it , if you think it would be a waste to register and print photos only by you and you would like to share the memories with others.

Let's share your photos by Network Print Service!

1. Register photos on your trip in Network Print Service.

Commemorative photos of everybody with beautiful scenery in the background were taken. Why Don't I register and print them by Network Print Service?

2. Send your user number by LINE or E-mail.

Emiko and Cabi-ne have nice expressions in this picture! That picture is also quite a good! I want to give those photos to them, but they are far away and won't see each other much. Well, I can tell them my user number by LINE so that they can print them out.

3. They prints the photos by using the user number told by you.

I got thanks replies for photos from Emiko and Cabi-ne. Network Print Service enables to print at any convenience stores across the nation. It is so convenient that I can send photos to distant friends and family!

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